Sugar Info

Why Our Products are Healthier and Better for You

Sugar occurs naturally in fruits and vegetables, where it is not in concentrated form. Concentrated sugar can be found in products such as honey, and syrup, while highly concentrated sucrose crystals are sold as brown or white table sugar. In these forms, sugar is used in large amounts to sweeten foods such as cakes, jams, desserts and other sweets. Many physicians state that abuse of sugar can be a direct cause of vitamin and mineral deficiencies, fluid retention, gall bladder disease, kidney disease and Crohns' disease (a form of colon cancer), just to name a few of the maladies blamed on our sweet acquaintance.

Sugar is used in jams because it acts as a preservative, guarding against the growth of harmful bacteria. Unfortunately, most manufacturers add too much sugar in extremely concentrated and potentially harmful amounts. This is why Out On A Limb has developed our Low Sugar and No Sugar Added products.

Low Sugar

Out On A Limb introduces its Low Sugar line featuring an all fruit base with just enough apple cider and sugar to leave the taste buds begging for more. Rather than adding lots of sugar to the product, we let the fruit's natural flavors sweeten the spreads. When you open a jar the air will fill with the delightful scent of fresh fruit. We currently offer 16 different types of butter, spreads and jellies (see our products or order pages).

No Sugar Added Products (NSA)

Our No Sugar product line was developed with the health conscious in mind. Our product adds no sugar and delivers bursts of flavor by using white grape juice as a sweetener. Currently we offer 11 types of spreads and butters that provide just what the taste buds ordered while keeping a healthy lifestyle in mind. There may be additional spreads and butters offered in the future as demands are steadily increasing.
All of our spreads are available in 1.5 oz. and 9 oz. jars.

Please visit our Products page for tasty descriptions of all our products (including complete nutrition information), or visit our Order page to buy some for yourself!