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Made fresh daily in small batches

Go Ahead, Eat Right Out of the Jar

Enjoy our local food made in Lamoine, ME

Don't feel guilty about eating a spoonful of our fruit spread plain. Out on a Limb's all-natural food has less sugar than those on grocery store shelves. You'll enjoy the smell and taste of real, fresh fruit as soon as you crack open the jar. Just like our bestselling Wild Blueberry spread! All natural and tons of great flavor!

We're dedicated to providing customers with the sweetest local food, which contain little or no sugar. For over two decades, our family-owned company in Lamoine, ME has been producing...

Fruit Spreads | Butters | Jelly | Whole Fruit Pie Fillings| Whole Fruit Syrups

Our 42 fruit-based products begin as blueberries, strawberries, rhubarb, pumpkins, raspberries or apples that are grown locally and sourced from local vendors providing the freshest quality straight to your home. Our owners prepare these all-natural ingredients in their kitchen, then send fresh food to over 50 local retailers with countless clients in Lamoine,Ellworth, ME, throughout Maine and the continental USA.

Perfect your favorite recipes

Unnaturally sweetened jam can be an assault on the senses, but our all-natural food won't overwhelm your sweet tooth. Make tasty peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the kids with all, or bake your famous apple pie with low-sugar filling.

Your dish will be the hit of the breakfast table or family potluck.


That's how many of our satisfied customers describe our local food from Lamoine, ME. People can't get enough of our Spreads, Butters and jellies, and we know you'll love them, too.

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